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    by ilan » Mon Jul 31, 2006 8:44 pm

    sounds so small you can hear yourself think.
    visuals so big you can hardly blink.

    two seatings: 7pm and 10:30pm
    dinner is served with the experience.

    o.blaat - ilan katin
    i8u - chika iijima
    Bernard Gal

    Please call Monkey Town for reservations:

    curated by ilan katin & i8u

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    Bios are listed in order of appearance

    o.blaat was named after 'oblaat' - flavourless, melting, semi-transparant thin edible paper, exists only to melt and disappear. In Japan, it was used to wrap bitter medicine (esp. for children easy to swallow it), and candies (not to stick together in hot climate.) o.blaat creates environment and situations where sounds being heard, sounds for circumstances, sounds for bones and spines. o.blaat is curious to experiment one's relationship with sounds. o.blaat is personal, and love to create massive mess to disappear into.


    Ilan Katin is an artist specializing in drawings, live video performance and animation. His art work has been published in a variety of print and online publications. His video performances include numerous collaborations and locations in the United Sates and Europe.

    As a video performance artist Ilan has provided visual support for a variety of musicians including Shelley Hirsch, DJ Olive, o.blaat, Lance Blisters, Toshio Kajiwara, Aaron Spectre, Becca Schack, Bora Yoon, ErwinMusic, Lukas Ligeti, i8u, RJ Valejo , glomag, BubblyFish, and The Mad Scene. He has also provided vj sets in a variety of locations in New York City including MoMA, Tonic, Galapagos and The Tank.

    In 2003 Ilan became an active participant at SHARE, a weekly open jam featuring live audio visual collaborations. His involvement includes the design of the SHARE logo and in 2004 the collaborative conception and design of 'anyware', a multi-city network based performance event during the 'New Sounds' festival at The Kitchen in New York City.

    Other curatorial efforts include two events at Monkey Town, a four video projection and 5.1 surround sound venue in Williamsburgh, NYC. The first 'Connect The Dots' (Nov. 2005) and the second 'Pure Mixed' (March, 2006).

    After a few impromptu performances with Lance Blisters in early 2004 Ilan began working closely with the one man midi guitar performer Geoff Matters. Together they have been developing a synchronized audio visual performance that ROCKS YOUR FACE OFF!

    For even less information then there is here go to http://www.ilankatin.com/

    Camy Lee is an artist who expresses herself through various media. The basis for all of her work begins with pencil or pen and paper and can lead to video, installation or performance. The end result is dependent on the message she is trying to convey.

    The subjects in her sketches and art are liberated. They explore unconventional settings of color and pose with curiosity and hidden humor. Boundless and childish, they receive new surroundings with patience. Yielding like ice about to melt they blend in their surroundings with calm coexistence. She refers to this type of composition as "a silly dance with taoist philosophies through as expressed through western artistic expression."

    Misinterpretation is intentional in that experiences feel new.


    France Jobin aka i8u (b. 1958) is a sound / installation / web artist residing in Montreal, Canada. i8u’s audio art can be qualified as "sound-sculpture". It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments where analog and digital meet. Her installation/web art can be said to follow a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements.

    I8u has created solo recordings for (bake/staalplaat Amsterdam) (piehead Toronto) (oral Montreal) as well as collaborative works with Martin Tétreault, David Kristian and Tomas Phillips. She has been included in compilations on ATAK (Japan), bremsstrahlung (USA) and Mutek (Canada).

    She has participated in various music and new technology festivals across Canada, Europe and the US, such as Silophone (Montréal, 2000), Mutek (Montréal, 2001, 2004, 2005), Le Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (2002), Ver Uit de Maat (Rotterdam, 2002), SEND + RECEIVE (Winnipeg, 2003, 2005), Les Digitales (Bruxelles, 2004 )Club Transmediale (Berlin, 2004) as well as a soundtrack by Bubblyfish and I8U for the movie Swordswoman of Huangjiang / Huangjiang Nuxia presented at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater Festival : Heroic Grace : The Chinese Martial Arts Film.

    i8u’s web work and installations have been shown at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Toronto’s Images independent film festival and at the Manifestation Internationale Video et Art Electronique 06.

    Her work continues to evolve as technologies enable her to create in new environments


    Chika Iijima is a live computer visuals artist working within New York’s
    expanded cinema community and VJ scene. Her videos implement geometric
    minimalist patterns and original graphics in unique, repetitive
    combinations. Chika works exclusively with Module8 (from Gragecube in
    Switzerland), software that, as a Beta tester, she was among the first to
    use in the USA.

    Chika has performed at the Museum of Modern Art, The Mapping Festival
    (Geneva), the Bushwick Art Project and the clubs Galapagos and Tonic, as
    well as private parties, festivals, events, galleries and night clubs.

    Chika was born and raised in Japan and moved to New York in the early 90s,
    working as a graphic designer until she began her experiments in
    time-based media. Chika also collaborates with electronic musicians and
    DJs on several projects.

    Log on to http://www.chiklet.com for more information.

    Bernhard Gal :
    Bernhard Gal (a.ka. gal) was born in Vienna, Austria in 1971. He creates electro-acoustic music as well as compositions for acoustic instruments. In intermedia art projects and sound installations, he intends to alter perceptions, mainly by shaping acoustic, visual and spatial elements. His work has been presented in concerts, exhibitions and installations across the world. Since 1998, Gal has also created audio-architectural installations in collaboration with the architect Yumi Kori. As a (laptop) musician, he performs solo concerts and has worked with numerous musicians. Gal runs the record label Gromoga Records and is director of the Austrian art organization “sp ce”. When not abroad, he divides his time between Vienna and Berlin.

    Gal’s CD releases include: CD ‘bestimmung new york’ (Durian, 1999); CD ‘Defragmentation/blue’ (Plate Lunch, 2000); CD ‘relisten’ (Intransitive, 2001); CD ‘Hinaus:: In den, Wald.’ (Klanggalerie, 2004); Book & Audio CD ‘Installations’ (Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg, 2005), CD ‘going round in serpentines’ (with Kai Fagaschinski; Charhizma Records, 2005), CD ‘Installations’ (Gromoga, 2005).


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