Monkeytown gig
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    Monkeytown gig

    by studioc » Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:44 am

    I just did a gig at Monkeytown last Friday night, July 28th. Featured Modul8 heavily. But I forgot to turn off trace during a minimal mix and it got - well - maximal! :shock: Oh, well... Two sets otherwise went well.

    I pumped M8 through my G5 iMac, routing the signal through my new entrancer. Controlling M8 with an X session midi controller. I am thinking of routing midi from the entrancer just for fun to see what XY coordinates will do to Modul 8.

    Lastly, I just sent two DVDs to the oxxxo crew in Madrid.One is a sample of work, the other is a self produced interview, where I give the praises to Modul8 and the geneva team. Great work, guys! - Jim C.
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