13/12 -> 16/12 Modul8 Team @ MUTEK_BA Fe/ Argentina
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    13/12 -> 16/12 Modul8 Team @ MUTEK_BA Fe/ Argentina

    by Akira » Thu Dec 07, 2006 7:46 pm

    Boris Edelstein and Matthias Grau of garageCube, creators of modul8, will be participating at the MUTEK Buenos Aires Festival, both with a Talk about modul8 and a VJ Performance in the main event, alongside a number of other local and internaional artists.

    GarageCUBE is a Geneva based label founded in 2003.

    Its various creative projects range from Modul8, a professional VJ / real-time video editing application, Modul8 Visual Team, a VJ collective, Mapping Festival, an annual VJing festival in Geneva, to the distribution of several open-source software destined to digital creation.

    After disembarking succesfully in Argentina in December 7th 2005, with the MICRO MUTEK BA 06 event, the reknowned MUTEK organization from Canada will repeat its argentinian experience this year with MUTEK BA, an international gathering of artists dedicated to music, sound and new technologies.

    With the artistic production of visuals curated by kiken.corporation, bringing international visual acts like Modul8 VJ Team (CH), Clandestine (CA) and RockstarVJ (CL), alongside the local talent Gisela Faure, Zleep, i2off+r3nder and kiken.corpoation itself, the MUTEK BA is set to specially impress the visual senses of the spectators.

    Code: Select all

    THURSDAY 14th December
    Modul8 Presentation by garageCube, creators of Modul8
    @ Elevage Hotel, Maipu 960 - Buenos Aires / Argentina
    15:00 hs.

    SATURDAY 16th December
    @ KONEX Cultural Center - Sarmiento 3131 - Buenos Aires / Argentina

    ROOM A         
    22.30 a 06.00 hs         
    22.30 hs   Cristóbal Paz              |VJ:Gisela Faure
    23.30 hs   Dinky                      |VJ:Gisela Faure
    00.30 hs   Chic Miniature             |VJs:Modul8 VJ Team
    01.45 hs   Surtek Collective          |VJs:Modul8 VJ Team
    03.00 hs   Barem                      |VJ:Gisela Faure
    04.00 hs   Thomas Brinkmann           |VJ:kiken.corporation
    ROOM B (400)         
    18.30 a 05.00 hs         
    18.30 hs   Gustavo Lamas
    19.30 hs   Fantasías Animadas
    20.20 hs   Frikstailers
    21.00 hs   Original Hamster           |VJ:Clandestine
    22.00 hs   Ernesto Ferreyra           |VJ:Clandestine
    23.00 hs   Lineas de Nazca            |VJ:kiken.corporation
    00.00 hs   Damián Schwartz            |VJs:i2off+r3nder.net
    01.30 hs   Franco Cinelli             |VJs:i2off+r3nder.net
    02.30 hs   Cabanne                    |VJ:Zleep
    04.00 hs   Seph                       |VJ:Zleep

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