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    by ilan » Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:07 am

    Did a nice jam session with fellow video performer Chika with audio by o.blaat, i8u, Bubblyfish and Sawako.

    Started out just doing live drawing using Photoshop. Chika was running her visuals using m8 and applied a simple cross fader allowing me to draw procedurally. I then added frames using Photoshop's animation tool and would occasionally play back the sequence and the modify it.

    A pic...

    Towards the end I had an idea and decided to output the animation as a quicktime (thanks to CS3!), launched m8, enabled full screen and voila, I was mixing the animation I just made on the spot. Not only that but there was absolutely no 'blip' between using m8 and Photoshop.

    Also... earlier did some nice feedback stuff with o.blaat. She was doing a feedback set using a wiimote and Max/MSP. Originally I wanted to project her onto her using a projector but she hates the idea of being amplified in this way. So intead I asked Alex Laurence (the very fine video tech that Mutek arrange for us) set up a small projection screen and my projector. Using an iSight and some small 'helping hands' with the little magnifying glasses. A lot of strange caustics that would fall back into the feedback. I added a tiny disco ball and an LED head light to see what would happen. When o.blaat got into heavy feedback I would really bring in bright lights and when it stopped I would move the cameras focus away from the bright lights and have only a few spots.

    This was a culmination of having done and seen many experiments with live feeds. I did something similar at the mapping festival for a VJ set there with mask and had a projection on my face of drawings I made. I was able to change the colors of the projection on my face and dance back and forth to the music while also playing around with luma-keyed animations I drew in a notebook.

    Ok... enough of that blah, blah, blah.

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