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21 SEP 2007 PRAXIS Label Night au ZOO

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:52 pm
by gerbem
21 Septembre 2007

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CHRISTOPH FRINGELLI (Breakcore - Praxis, Subversion / DE)
HECATE (Indus / Breakcore - Praxis, Zhark, Subversion / DE)
NEMETON (Hard Drum n' Bass - Darkmatter Soundsystem / DE)
VILE ENGINEZ (Breakcore - Subversion, Zhark / CH)
DSER (Drum n' Bass - Audioactivity / CH)
GERBEM (Breakcore - Audioactivity / FR)
LAIN (Hardcore - Audioactivity, Antisocial / CH)

Founded in 1992 by Christoph Fringeli in London, and now based in
Berlin, Praxis is celebrating its 15th birthday with a party in Geneva.
Dedicated to experimental hard dance music since its inception, the
label has always strived to break boundaries and make new connections.
Fiercely independent it distributes its own releases as well as those
of like minded musicians and influenced by a radical critique of late
capitalism publishes the magazine Datacide.
The night in Geneva will see label founder Fringeli team up with
partners in crime Hecate (who released several records on Praxis and
runs her own Zhark International), Nemeton (from Darkmatter Soundsystem
and label, LA/Berlin) and Vile Enginez (who’s latest release on
Sub/Version – the sister label to Praxis dedicated to hard drum’n’bass
– is about to come out) to set the dance floor on fire:

„Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise“