Drawvolution UrbanArtForms 2007 / Austria
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    Drawvolution UrbanArtForms 2007 / Austria

    by momo3010 » Fri Aug 17, 2007 5:23 pm

    Jeah, finally up, our
    drawvolution session with momo3010 on the sampling and mixing desk and e1000 from madrid on the drawing desk.
    This is a clip mix of the loops we produced during our session at the urban art forms 2007 in wiesen/Austria at the afterparty stage.

    Image Image
    Image Image

    (movie: 7,3mb, 2:35 min, h.264 codec)

    Did use 3 live cameras, turntable, cut outs, and modul8 on the laptop.
    I am into live video loops production now mixed with premade material. So how real fun.
    Black light is the best.

    greets outta vienna

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