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    by skyvat » Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:23 pm

    Hey All -

    Mike Berk and I have been working on new material and will be premiering it here, so come take a look and a listen. We are on last (around midnight) but the whole line up is super-strong I think it'll be a good night all the way thru. There's a whole gallery of artwork and a merchandise table where you can buy items from each and every artist. I was at the last Spit and Duct Tape event and it was a great show so I'm excited to be involved with this one.

    Come on out and support. Thanks and see you there.


    spaceworks @ The Tank, in conjunction with Spit & Duct Tape and The Kids
    Are Bored are pleased to present:


    An Art and Live Music Event

    Saturday, July 10, 2004
    7PM to 1AM
    $5 admission

    The Tank
    432 West 42nd Street
    New York, NY

    TAGTEAM will be Spit and Duct Tape’s third event, featuring artists,
    musicians, and DJ's for one day only. You can expect installations,
    painting, photography, video, performance, affordable art, and live
    electronic music and DJ's.

    What is the theme of the show?
    TAGTEAM. Because there’s no “I” in art.

    We're interested in what happens when two (or more) people from
    different disciplines or different ways of working interact on a shared
    idea. We want to explore how their individual methods correspond and
    clash, cross-fertilize, provoke, or self-destruct, and how the working
    process affects what physically comes out of that collaboration.

    For the first time, we will be offering a few selected artists a 2 week
    residency in the space, to create their artwork for the show. The
    resulting artwork will be on view at the event on July 10, 2004. In
    addition, feel free to come in this week to watch the artists work
    during regular Tank hours.

    Artist Residents, whose work will be on view at the TAGTEAM event:
    Bengala (B. Tischer + Gala Verdugo + Ramona Banzaca), Pam Buchwald +
    John Delk, and Panda Pants (Craig F + Janina M + Aleksandra M)

    Other artists at the event will include:
    Melanie Daniel + Ariel Kleiner, Matt Moroz + Morag Kydd (Black Rainbow
    Collective), Larisa Bates + Dave Bartlett, Daniel Kelly + Mike Bowman,
    Meredith Carruthers +Gregory King, Harvey loves Harvey, Phil Toledano +
    Craig Damrauer, Ryan Compton + Nolen Strals (Print Thugs), Casey Brooks
    + Raquelle Stiefler, and Karen Schoellkopf + Diana Parrington

    Musicians, DJ’s, and performers will include:
    Innovaders (live), Socks and Sandals (live), DJ Ripley + Kid Kameleon,
    Secret Frequency Crew (Egg Foo Young + Krull), Dan Vatsky + Mike Berk
    (live video + audio), and Crazy Rhythms Crew (Dan Selzer + Mike

    For more information and up to date line-ups and artists, visit
    www.spitandducttape.com. Any inquiries may be addressed to


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