Drawvolution @ Urban Art Forms - Festival 2008
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    Drawvolution @ Urban Art Forms - Festival 2008

    by momo3010 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:26 pm

    3 days nonstop painting on 1 canvas with 9 Artists from 4 different countries.

    Drawvolution The1stCut

    The weekend is over and my harddrive is full with over 5000 fotos and 17 gig less of space.
    I invited 8 urban painters from Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and Austria to paint with me a 14 m2 wall
    nonstop for 3 days during the electronic music festival (UrbanArtForms) in Wiesen near Vienna/Austria. We used cans,
    paint, rollers, tapes and brushes to colorize the woodplates.
    The weather was fine. Sunny and hot.
    Beer. Fun. Kaos.

    The aim of the 3 days was to record and document the clash fo different cultures, personality and
    style that every painter has. And yes, it was a pure festival painting session. Raw, rough and dusty.
    Big thanks to all painters sharing their creativity and time.

    Painters involved:
    Biok (SK)
    Torz merev (HU)
    CUT16 (HU)
    Budhatomi (HU)
    aham (HU)
    heeendl (GER)
    Skizo (AUT)
    I love Ally (AUT)
    M1030 (AUT)

    13 min in 50mb!

    and here some still.

    Image Image
    Image Image
    Image Image Image
    Image Image

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