VISION R 2009 vj fest - Call for submissions
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    VISION R 2009 vj fest - Call for submissions

    by neologos » Sun Nov 23, 2008 5:03 pm

    Hi, 4th edition of Vision'R vj festival will happen in 2009 april (french
    Let's send your projects about what is making sense for you.

    Vision'R as festival in the terms of fairy everyday life and lights with tools.

    Organized by VJs and mediaktivists, Vision'R is a collaborative event made to
    support live expressions with visuals and/or sounds representations.

    All the propositions that help us to define the limits of our post-disciplinar
    practices and our no limit process are welcome (performances, workshops,

    As in the past editions, Vision’R’s program won’t be reflects of entertainment
    projects nor corporate ones. Clubbing contents or absences of content, without
    self-criticism won’t be examined.

    Until January 15th, send us your propositions by e-mail only, including :
    -photos or videos of the project (showreel) and pictures of you « on stage »
    -Artistic description of the project (intention text, theory or critical
    content, aims)
    -Technical description with stuff you bring, Audio/Video outputs, and what you

    To send us a dvd of the showreel part, ask about it in the mail you’ll send us
    with the other required information.

    CONTACT : vision-r {at} reseaux-creation. org - {at} stands for @

    http://vision-r. org

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