Team Modul8 at Cimatics
  • ilan

    Team Modul8 at Cimatics

    by ilan » Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:01 pm

    No sooner did we return from Brussels for Corps Urbain leaving almost zero time to document and report on that experience (I had a quick gig in Geneva this past weekend and will post something on that too!) minus the quick image posted below we are back to the land of great beer and frites to be a part of the renowned Cimatics Festival. Boris and I will be performing our maxi mash VJ set and will be around to meet any modul8 enthusiasts or anyone else who loves VJ'ing as much as we do.

    Also at Cimatics will be the debut of SHARE Brussels, VJ Theory and some other former LPM and Mapping attendees.

    Hope to see you at Cimatics!

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