PixelVärk, Gothenburg, modul8, workshop. 4/2 and 6/2 2010
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    PixelVärk, Gothenburg, modul8, workshop. 4/2 and 6/2 2010

    by ilan » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:54 pm


    Who and what?

    A basics workshop provided by the VJs who featured and published the video, Andreas Apelqvist and Dan Nordgren from the local VJ group Startsladd. This class is a prerequisite for the advanced class that I will host. Please do not let the advanced label scare you away. Take the basics class and you can enter the advanced class with head held high.


    The basics class is on Thursday, February 4th from 18h00 through 20h00.
    The advanced class is on Saturday, February 6th from 14h00 through 18h00.


    Both workshops are free! But you will need to register for both because there is limited seating/computers available.
    To register for the basics class access the related page and scroll to the bottom. For the advanced class access its page and do the same. The basics class will be done in Swedish or depending upon how many people who attend speak Swedish. The advanced class will be done in English because my Swedish is limited to saying hello.


    The precise location is Södra Allégatan 1B. The google location is in the link. But you still need to register to know the exact room. Fun secret VJ society stuff.

    I recall quite a few requests in the past from people in Coppenhagen about a modul8 workshop. Gothenburg is only about four lovely hours by train. May be well worth a free workshop no?

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