Cloud VJing: Collective Jam-Session @ tweakfest
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    Cloud VJing: Collective Jam-Session @ tweakfest

    by tweakfest » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:36 pm

    Cloud VJing: Collective Jam-Session @ tweakfest- Digital Culture & Lifestyle Festival - Zurich - 23rd of April.

    Images, films und animations from the tweakfest crowd will be mixed using Marc Lee's installation, forming a collective VJ-Set comprising visual impressions and symbolic forms of expression. All festival participants are invited to contribute. You may either send us your favorite video or twitter live during the event itself ....

    For your Twitter message use the hash tag  #CloudVJ. 

    To upload your visuals to the cloud use and post the link not later than the 23rd of April at 16:00 by
    tweakfest Digital Culture & Lifestyle Festival

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