MUTEK 2010 - pimmon + the dappler effect
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    MUTEK 2010 - pimmon + the dappler effect

    by Dappler » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:19 am

    Hi folks.. Just returned to Sydney after performing with pimmon in the A/Visions series at MUTEK 2010 in Montreal. Had a ball, and gig went really well. ... me-soiree/

    One of the biggest mother-scratchin' screens I've used and a very, very nice projector. If anyone at all was there or knows anyone that may have been, we really want to see some images of our set!!

    I'm a newcomer to Modul8 and I'm more vis artist than VJ but enjoying it immensely for my live work with musicians. Currently out-boarding with Trigger Finger and a BCR 2000, + at Mutek - a really cheap usb camera. Should have picked up a monome in the states while I was over there. For theatre and performance design I tend to use software that allows me to program cues for techies to easily operate over a season and most techs here are familiar with Isadora.

    Next show with pimmon is at SuperDeluxe@artspace for the Sydney Biennale on 31 July 2010. Looking forward to going deeper with Modul8.

    Andrew Wholley
    "The Dappler Effect"

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