Creating visuals with a 'projector tree'
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    Creating visuals with a 'projector tree'

    by Vibber » Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:08 pm

    The Royal Library in Copenhagen held a big party this Saturday for all the new university students. the video collective Obscura contributed to this event with the 'projector tree' - an installation of 20 video projectors as well as providing the majority of the visuals throughout this 5 hour programme of music, art and poetry.

    See it here:

    A lot of the visual material was gathered in the antique collections of the library.

    The visuals covered a large area of the giant library hall (which is 29 meters from floor to ceiling) and in the eyes of the audience it probably was a totally immersive experience.
    Balconies and walls became the canvas of ever changing visual themes and the many glass walls became an active part of the installation as they rendered beautiful reflections on other surfaces.

    Here's a clip of the preparations where you can see the 'projector tree' more clearly:

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