B-Seite// Workshops// VJ Conference// Call for Entries
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    B-Seite// Workshops// VJ Conference// Call for Entries

    by B-Seite » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:45 pm

    B-Seite is an non-commercial festival for interactive Art and Performance in Mannheim/Germany, from 26.03-02.04.

    Everybody asking what our festival will look like this year, what we expect for “Call for entries” or how to be part of the B-Seite festival, here are some informations:

    - We expect primarily entries for exciting visual exhibition projects or installations (gladly interactive), audio-video-performances (also with dance or theater if it’s not too long or too complex to organize) and workshop ideas (targeting an showable output instead of showcases or software trainings). Please attach links to examples and your contact information)

    - Vjs are very welcome at our festival and there are slots/possibilities to represent yourself. But we don’t realy offer a budget or accomodation for that. Be our guest, join, use the festival for networking and inspiration.

    - Discuss, offer yourself als a helping hand, represent yourself and inform yourself via registration to our new board at http://www.jetztkultur.de/forum

    Calling for entries // Exhibition

    For this years festival we search for exhibition artists doing video art, interactive installations, new media art, audio-visual or dance performances with video. The exhibition runs from 26th of March till 2nd of April. Please send us your contact information, a showreel link or a DVD/BD/CD to the address below

    Calling for entries // Workshops

    Do you have an interesting topic you want to talk about or offer for a workshop, you’re welcome! The speeches are limited to a length of one hour, the workshops can take up to two hours. The language should be english or german. Send us an email if you want to be a part of the B-Seite and tell us your ideas to organize it. Tell us a title, the length and a overview of the subject. Please send also your contact information, a screenshot or a showreel link..

    Calling for entries // VJ Conference

    If you want to visit, join or learn something, if you like connecting and jamming with other vjs or if you like to help us to make the B-Seite a great festival … come round! Please send us for supporting interests your contact information, screenshot or showreel links.

    Verein für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur
    Hafenstraße 68
    68159 Mannheim

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    by eMTv » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:45 pm

    Hi !
    Your proposal is interesting. What is the submission deadline for installations and performances ? Can you provide accomodation, meals and/or transport fees for performance artists included in your programme?

    Thanks in advance,

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