video mapping in Liverpool
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    video mapping in Liverpool

    by kazimier22 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:57 pm


    just wanted to share a video of our latest project we completed. The show took the format of a guided tour to the centre of the earth, with groups of 40 being led around a subteranina world that would come to life upon their interaction with it. We devised a farily complex garden of eden like landscape with a lake in front of it to build a 12minute long video mapped piece. The mask was built in photoshop using a graphics tablet and a lot of pateince, with the content then built in after effects. to create the necessary level of synchronicity between the audio and video we used modul8 in conjunction with ableton - with midi data being sent out to via the IAC driver and then output recorded via modul8. the recorded sequences were then composited together and rendered off. The project proved to be incredibly tricky due to the scale of the masking area, the level of detail and the resolution of the projectors, we often only had a pixel to play with (on the finer stems / thin leaves etc) so there was little room for error, having a lake in front of it gave the projected images an amazing additional quality that really gave depth to the piece.
    Here is a video of the full mapped sequence:

    and here is the video of the Atalonia show that this sequence was showcased in:

    here is also a photo gallery from the show:


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