OPEN CALL plutofestival 25-27 October 2012
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    OPEN CALL plutofestival 25-27 October 2012

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    Open Call Pluto 2012 – English Version

    Pluto 2012 is an audiovisual festival. It wants to provide a stage for audiovisual, performance and new media artists. The festival encourages artists working with novel performance technologies and a multidisciplinary contemporary approach.

    What is Pluto?

    Pluto 2012 has partially rebranded itself as an audiovisual performance festival. More than ever, the focus is on the synergy between audio and visual found in performances, video installations, VJ’ing, new media, etc. The innovative use of multi and new media is key and will set the tone throughout the festival.

    The evening program is build around representative ambassadors of contemporary electronic music. Some names from previous editions: Four Tet, Amon Tobin, Hexstatic, Dimlite, Little Dragon, Rustie, ... Also, many contemporary artists have contributed over the years: Philippe Beasley, Pieter Jan Ginckels, Tarik Barri and Studio Roosgaarde, ...

    Each day of the festival, innovative acts compliment the line-up around a central name. We are looking for daring, experimental acts that can provide an engaging experience, regardless of genre, in audiovisual performances.

    Pluto 2012 wants to link sound and vision as beneficial and exciting as possible for both the audience and the contributors.
    By means of setting up a series of sessions, artists are encouraged to collaborate on projects for and during the festival, providing an optimal festival setting.

    Artists at Pluto 2012 are given extensive logistic support to ensure ideal conditions for their acts.

    In addition, Pluto2012 provides a series of workshops and information sessions for the public to get an in depth view on the creation process. Therefore artists are encouraged to document their artwork and present it this way.

    To contribute:

    Pluto 2012 is open to anything and anyone. Students and young artists, especially, are encouraged to contribute.


    The fifth edition, Pluto 2012, takes place from 25 to 27 October 2012 in and around Nijdrop, Kloosterstraat 9 -1745 Opwijk, Belgium


    Deadline: send in proposal by 30/06/2012 to by filling out the online document be found at
    The proposal should contain all relevant information about your project:
    short description
    technical rider

    For additional information & questions:

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