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Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:59 pm
by garageRoot

These workshops are a co-production of the Mapping Festival, GarageCUBE and Reversehead

The 9th edition of the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland approaches!
This years edition is unique in that the first half of the festival is entirely dedicated to workshops.

May 3rd through the 5th: Introduction to VJing and Video Mapping

This workshop provides a global overview of the interfaces and functions of both softwares within the context of live video performance, presenting the theorical, practical and technical aspects that will provide you with a firm foundation for exploring this exciting medium of projection art.

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May 5th through the 8th: LED and video Mapping

For 4 days this workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video mapping using MadMapper, including a free license of MadMapper and special guest.

Tired of boring presentations?
Tired of boring programs?
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To register for any of these workshops you must contact the Mapping Festival via the following page:

Please note! The deadline for workshop registration is Monday, April 8th!