Cuisine #2 @ Bristol - Featuring Lego_man
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    Cuisine #2 @ Bristol - Featuring Lego_man

    by lego_man » Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:41 pm

    Thursday 29th June
    (Small Steet, Bristol)


    £4 in advance
    [Replay records, Bristol Ticket Shop]

    £4 before 11pm / £6 after

    Still bored with your regular take-away?
    The Cuisine chefs have been working hard on your new menu since last month's launch party.
    Once again using the finest ingredients only, they have concocted an exclusive line-up of the most
    refreshing food for the ears and the eyes.
    Get your knife and fork, the table is set.
    Bon appétit!

    VJ Lego_man from Brussels who will perform for the first time in the UK and will turn the club (Timbuk2 - small street Bristol) into a complete different place :

    LEGOMAN [Brussels - Audioactivity]
    -Live visuals-


    Long time Vj resident at Geneva's The Zoo, Legoman has developped a unique style by projecting his own brand of
    graphic creations on non-conventional screens like mosquito nets, statues or buildings...
    You'll need your own two eyes to believe it!
    check out the video-->


    I won't bother you with the lineup, but here's who will have down:
    TRANSPARENT SOUND [London - Electrix] -Live-
    ORSON BRAMLEY [Orson records] -Dj set-
    BUF! & SU-REAL [Octopussy]
    D-GELO & IKKAKU [Out Of Phase]
    OCTOBER [Fluid Ounce]
    KYMA [Emergency/Varial]
    LITTLE YOUTH [Creme Fraiche/Cuisine]

    Quality visuals and other video delicacies by:

    Live performance by the graffiti artist based on the cuisine/food theme, including live drawing/ painting.
    He will be using such techniques as overhead projections with different layers and "light painting" using a motion tracker.

    DEE [Octopussy]
    CRUSTEA & CLU [AntiVJ]

    You will be able to play around with a midi keyboard linked to a VJ software and projector,
    composing your own visuals /songs using a database of audiovisual samples.

    We'll do a VJing course / introduction to Vjing, including a basic overview of Arkaos software, and some interactive audiovisual installation involving Arkaos as well.

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