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    Material Editor

    by bricebrice » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:46 pm


    I work on cinemas and commercials set as a gaffer.
    Yesterday was my first shoot with MADMAPPER to send DMX to 12 ARRI Skypanel :)
    It worked great and it’s pretty reliable on my HP x360 Spectre (2017) and USB C -> Ethernet adaptor to the ENTTEC ODE 1st gen :)

    In material editor, i’m trying to add a background color to the : Line Patterns Material.
    I success to show in the "INPUTS" a background color near the front color square but i don’t understand how to be effective..
    I need to add a brightness to this background color too.

    Finally i want to delete the Auto With Move / Auto Width / Auto Rotate ans Auto Scale.


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