OSC comunication between processing and md8
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    OSC comunication between processing and md8

    by ligalight » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:20 pm


    i'm building a processing interface that sends OSC messages to modul8(2.9). Basically the messages should turn layers ON-OFF and assign media from the media set to a given layer. I'm having trouble to determine the specific OSC message, since until now nothing is happening but md8 show me that has received the osc message.

    When building the message in processing, for instance to assingn a media to a layer i have three variables.
    String command(ctrl_layer_media),
    int with the number of the media on the media set(129 for testcard)
    int with the assigned layer(1)
    the finished message should be: /md8key/ctrl_layer_media/129/1 right?

    script output shows me the following
    RECEIVE : ['/md8key', ',sii', 'ctrl_layer_media', 1, 1]
    RECEIVE : ['/md8key', ',sii', 'ctrl_layer_media', 129, 1]

    what i'm I doing worng?

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