Surface Controls - More options/UX flow
  • tangent
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    Surface Controls - More options/UX flow

    by tangent » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:03 pm

    Would be great to have more precise control over surfaces.
    At the moment the 1 output position control is very slow going when trying to dial in specific positions

    a panel that had all the surface vertices position values that you would quickly view and access (instead of having to click/tab on each point 1 by 1)

    control over moving a whole surface from an anchor point (even if that anchor point was just the centre)
    sometimes quicker and easier to determine where you want your centre to sit rather than all your corners
    I want to be able to quickly type in "move surface A +150 pixels on Y-axis' etc

    The input positions controls is enough to get by but the output controls is very rough and takes time to dial in precisely


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