MadMapper 3.7.0 Beta
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    MadMapper 3.7.0 Beta

    by Benoit » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:31 pm

    Dear MadMapper users, we are proud to announce you that we just released the MadMapper version 3.7.0 Beta,

    which can be downloaded as usual on the yourspace page :

    2 different versions are available for Mac users depending if you're running macOS 10.12 and above or the previous macOs versions such as 10.9, 10.10 and 10.10.

    A lot of improvements are included in this new version, feel free to share any feedbacks :)

    MM 3.7.0 Release Notes :

    + Cues:
    Added autoplay settings per column
    Added an option to set cue thumbnail from one of the visuals it's referencing
    Restart media is set to ON by default (use cue inspector to deactivate)
    + Native support of HapQ Alpha & optimized HAP decoding in general
    + Oscillator: replaced Master Oscillator by an Oscillator module that can be created as many times as wanted, as well as a 2D Oscillator (projects made with previous releases will still work like before)
    + Added drag&drop possibility in textual Media List
    + NDI output: added a checkbox to enable alpha channel in stream (compressing with alpha channel is slower and useless in most cases)
    + DMX output: possibility to use media Alpha channel in fixtures (using expressions) and to ignore alpha channel for R,G,B,W,L,C,M,Y,K values (useful to driver RGBW LEDs from a RGBA movie or syphon/spout stream)

    * Major optimisation on Windows when using multiple outputs with AMD graphics card
    * Various optimisations
    * When dropping a visual (file or internal drag) to the preview, create a quad surface with the visual where we released the mouse
    * Updated to latest NDI SDK (3.8 )
    * Updated to latest Canon SDK
    * Improved crash reporter on Windows
    * Improved audio spectrum reactivity (higher update rate and lower delay)
    * Added bpm_phase_sync parameter to TimeBase generator/filter (for user materials)

    - Fixed issue with Folder Player last frame
    - Fixed possible issue when connecting / disconnecting screens
    - ArtNet Unicast: fixed possible issue when polling for devices from preferences
    - ArtNet Unicast: fixed possible issue when several devices are listening to the same universe
    - Fixed Kinect Masker (macOS only)
    - Fixed LED Scanner generated fixture size in case of single pixel fixtures
    - Solved an issue on Windows when ASIO driver is selected in Audio preferences

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