MadMapper 4 Beta 8 available
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    MadMapper 4 Beta 8 available

    by Benoit » Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:18 pm

    Dear mappers,

    The BETA 7 expires in a few days but we are delighted to announce that the BETA 8 of MadMapper 4 is now available on Yourspace with a major improvement, nice and useful additions for miniMAD Light and several fixes, all listed below.

    This Beta 8 will expire the 4th of April and is free for v3 owners

    (minimum System requirements to run MadMapper 4.0: macOS 10.9 or later / Windows (64bit) 8.1 or later)

    MM 4.0.0 Beta 8 Release Notes

    + Windows Fullscreen outputs: major improvement in fullscreen outputs smoothness using Direct3D (can be disabled from Preferences / Engine)
    + Added an option in Preferences / Engine to disable preview double buffering (unlocks FPS limit to screen frequency, nice for fast FPS LED setups)
    + Added an option in Preferences / Engine to force a fixed FPS (useful limit the FPS to 25 or 30 or to get a constant FPS NDI stream)
    + Added "Start with the last played sequence" option in export to miniMAD Light
    + miniMAD Light: Changes made on the miniMAD are now saved
    + miniMAD Light: Added luminosity control using buttons & USB keyboard

    + miniMAD Light: Improved OSD
    + Optimized computing Lines surface geometry
    + Hap decoding: improved smoothness when playing HAP files

    - Fixed possible issue after deleting surface groups
    - Fixed possible issue with surface masks
    - Fixed possible issue with Spatial scanner going to the wrong output on macOS
    - Fixed handling surface group /children/opacity - visible - color nodes
    - Fixed a graphics driver crash while drawing lines with Intel(R) HD Graphics 515 on macOS 10.11
    - Fixed possible issue on Windows starting app from a display not connected to the "Main Display" GPU
    - Some Materials from the Online Library could be broken by beta 7 changes


    Feel free to share any feedback on the forum or on,


    the MADTeam.
    Benoit * garageCube team
  • balamsoto
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    Re: MadMapper 4 Beta 8 available

    by balamsoto » Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:37 pm

    Great and congrats
    will V4 be free upgrade from V3 users?
  • franz
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    Re: MadMapper 4 Beta 8 available

    by franz » Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:39 am

    thanks for the kind words.
    Switching from 3.xx to 4.xx will be a paid upgrade (tho' much cheaper than buying a new license)

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