sound:frame festival 2009 (Vienna, AT) // CALL FOR ENTRIES
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    sound:frame festival 2009 (Vienna, AT) // CALL FOR ENTRIES

    by frize » Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:31 pm


    OPEN CALL: sound:frame festival 2009 - EVOLUTION REMIXED!

    After a short break, Vienna's festival for visualizing electronic music will return
    and begin its third round full of sophisticated, fresh, new features!

    For the first time in its history the 2009 sound:frame will focus on
    two major concepts, which will structure and define the entire festival-program
    (exhibition, performances conferences and workshops).

    In addition to the historic retrospection of the audio-visual development
    in different aesthetic realms (experimental pictures/ movies, video- and computer arts)
    from the last 100 years, the 2009 sound:frame festival will also focus on the art of
    audio and visual remixing - EVOLUTION REMIXED!

    Visual artists, VJs, Video artists, sound producers, audio live acts, DJs, multimedia
    artists, theorists, and technicians are invited to participate and assist in the design
    of 2009’s sound:frame festival.

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