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Version 3.0 Released!
  • Pierre Guilluy
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    Version 3.0 Released!

    by Pierre Guilluy » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:21 pm

    Dear modul8 Users, the final version 3 is released!

    So, what's new on this version ?

    Modul8 is now a 64 bits application, meaning that you can use much more memory than before.

    The media player has been totally rewritten and optimized, including a native support for HAP codec. It’s now possible to play media up to 8K resolution!

    On top of the playback improvement for the movies, you can now use up to 1024 media in a project, 8 times more than version 2.
    You can now play animated GIFs and the image-folder player has been improved.

    The new NDI protocol from NewTek, for sharing video flux thought the network has been implemented for input and output.

    The project-settings panel has been added for better stage and media controls, and the preferences and advanced-outputs panels have been revisited to have more consistent and clearer parameters.

    Layers can be locked to avoid unexpected layers manipulations, the direct-to-disk recording is now fluid and usable with much bigger resolutions and an option for keep on running video capture has been added to improve the triggering.

    There is a lot of little optimizations and bug fix, see the release notes!

    The upgrade is free for the customers who bought a license starting from the 1st of June 2015.
    Otherwise, please log in on http://yourspacemodul8.garagecube.com and click the link to buy the upgrade, it cost only 59€ excl. taxes for the standard license.

    Enjoy modul8!
    The garageCube team!



    - NDI video input/output support
    - mediasets group, now up to 1024 media
    - movie playback cursor
    - master lightness
    - layer lock option
    - layer normalize options (fit stage & fill stage)
    - "Disable Blackmagic support" preference for using other apps in the same time
    - special testcards: FullHD, HDReady, XGA, WYGA and solid white media
    - color controls preview & reset
    - support for animated GIFs
    - option for keeping the video capture running
    - stage-size project settings and media settings per project
    - image folder player settings


    - modul8 v3 is now an universal app (32 & 64bit)
    - media players (images, movies, media-folders, Quartz-Composer, video-inputs)
    - HAP codec and H264 video playback (now supports videos up to 8K)
    - user-interface including support for retina displays
    - Direct to Disk Recording
    - Preferences & Advanced-output panel
    - Blackmagic 4k devices and hardware automatic format detection support


    - Issue with folder player and certain image formats
    - fixed issues when using CoreImage Filters
    - fixed issue when using Syphon and anti-aliasing
    - fixed drag and dropping more than 16 media
    - fixed problem with OSC ports preferences over 999 depending on the system's number encoding
    - fixed blending modes on Intel Iris GPU
    - fixed modules loading on macOS 10.12+
    - fixed preview window glitches
    - fixed crash when quitting after using the logical-rendering

    Please note: For our beta testers, we highly recommend you to clear your preferences before using the official release.
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