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MM DMX refresh rate
  • menoTV
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    MM DMX refresh rate

    by menoTV » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:23 pm

    I'm trying to figure out how quickly my LEDs/lights/etc connected to my DMX interface are getting new sets of data via artnet from MM.

    So if i have a video playing back at 25fps in VDMX, sent over to MM via syphon, and i am then using that to turn into dmx over artnet, what is the fastest way i can change (refresh?) the DMX data? am i limited by my 25fps video? suppose i wanted to see my LEDS refresh 50 times a second, if i play my video back at double speed in VDMX, where is the bottle neck? in VDMX, syphon? MM? and where is the 'glass ceiling' in terms of how quickly MM can analyse each frame of video and spit that data out to the DMX, ie what is the fastest 'refresh rate' of the video-> DMX that MM can manage, and how do i go about providing the best conditions to make this happen?

    Thanks for any help in advance...

    EDIT: sorry i just saw i put this in FAQ by mistake. Perhaps a mod can move to general. Apologies.
  • Xaver2k
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    Re: MM DMX refresh rate

    by Xaver2k » Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:52 pm

    i think you are looking for this post.
  • mad-matt
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    Re: MM DMX refresh rate

    by mad-matt » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:45 pm

    For information, with MadMapper 2.5 you can set the maximum ArtNet FPS in preferences. The default value is 44.

    MadMapper will not send ArtNet DMX packets if nothing has changed in the video, so if you're using a Syphon input at 60 FPS, MadMapper will send a maximum of 60 ArtNet DMX packets per second. If you're using a movie at 30 FPS, it will send 30 packets per second.
    Using more than 44 FPS ArtNet can be useful with LEDs, since some LED controllers can control lights much faster than 44 FPS (Advatek Pixelite is limited to 100 FPS and we tested with 400 universes at 100 FPS and got great results).

    In general working at 25 / 30 / 50 or 60 FPS is great. The ideal is the your whole chain, from the input to the light, is working at the same FPS. For instance if you use a movie at 60 FPS and set the maximum ArtNet to 60, MadMapper will send 60 FPS, but if you are then using an ArtNet->DMX node, you then getting to DMX electrical protocol which is limited at 44-45, then it's better to work with a movie at 44 or lower or you'll skip too many frame. Ideally in this case working with content at 44 FPS would be optimal.

    But if you're sending Modul8 syphon output to LEDs using an Advatek Pixelite, Modul8 will be locked on the screen (60FPS), so MadMapper will receive 60 FPS, MadMapper max ArtNet FPS must be increased to 60 FPS or more (1000 ;-), MadMapper will then send one ArtNet packet for each Syphon frame, the Pixelite will send the 600 FPS on LEDs. In this case, it will be perfect.

    To get more than 60 FPS, you need MadMapper not to be synced on your screen. MadMapper graphic engine is displaying on the previews and on the outputs, if you have no projector in your project and you collapsed your previews, MadMapper will no more be blocked by your screen refresh rate and you can go to higher FPS :-)
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