MadMapper 4.2 BETA available
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    MadMapper 4.2 BETA available

    by Benoit » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:54 pm

    Dear mappers,

    It was time for a big MiniMad update!

    This new 4.2 version brings much needed features that will greatly improve the productivity of MadMapper's best companion,

    All the new features and some bug fixes are listed below, we hope you will enjoy beta testing them!

    -> Remote Export
    No more need to take the SD card out of the MiniMad and go back to the computer to export: being on the same network, you can now export remotely!
    The option appears in the export window: insert a MiniMad SD-card or select a remote MiniMad in the drop-down list

    -> Default Settings
    The MiniMad offers advanced export settings that have been greatly improved since MadMapper 4,
    But it often happens that you change several settings until you don't remember what the original ones were,
    If the physical result does not suit you anymore for example, redo an export and click on Load default setting

    -> Smart Updating
    After modifications you only need to update the mapping of your project for the MiniMad? Or you only need to update the media?
    It's now possible: no need to re-export the whole project, choose to update either everything, the mapping or the media

    Your feedback is always valuable to us!
    If you have a bug to report or if you want to share feedback, feel free to write to
    Don't forget that this is a BETA version, so use at your own risk if you're in production!

    * A MadMapper 4 license is required to used this BETA version available on

    4.2.0 BETA Full Release Note

    + MiniMad Export: Added remote-export to export your show through the network
    + MiniMad Export: Added default settings loading
    + MiniMad Video: Added the possibility to update the mapping or the media separately
    + MiniMad Controller: Added up, down, left, right mapping buttons for precise adjustments + MiniMad Controller: make all mapping and image controls mappable

    * MadLight Recorder: Improved support for very large sequences
    * MiniMad Light: Boosted the default analog audio-jack output level
    * MiniMad Light Export: Better export progress
    * Better handle video-inputs reconnection

    - MadLight Recorder: Fixed newly recorded sequence not being checked and selected
    - Fixed a problem with audio playback of movies using AVFoundation (Mac)
    - MiniMad Export: Fixed MiniMad SD-card not loading in rare situation (Mac)
    - Fixed possible problem in Weather module
    - Fixed possible problem in Firmata module
    - Fixed a problem with material thumbnail generation
    - Fixed problems in cue edition
    - Fixed output cursor when projector is flipped
    - Fixed sACN network interface not being saved correctly

    Enjoy !

    The MAD Team.

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