MadMapper 5.0.3 released
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    MadMapper 5.0.3 released

    by Benoit » Wed Dec 22, 2021 4:28 pm

    Dear mappers,

    We just released the 5.0.3 update which comes with many fixes and improvements,

    There's now a show test pattern on Laser outputs and the option to show ILD points in the output preview too!

    The update is free for v5 owners and available on the MadMapper website / user account / Downloads

    MM 5.0.3 Release Notes

    + Added Show Test Pattern on Laser Outputs
    + Added the option to Laser Projector Show ILDA Points in output preview

    * Improved Laser Beam Preview (can be adjusted from preferences)
    * Improved MiniMad remote-export
    * Updated ShowNET library (solves issue when disconnecting network adapter + IP address is now displayed)
    * When surface is too small, handles are hidden so we can still move the surface
    * Preserve Master Levels / Colors when restarting MadMapper
    * Handle disconnection / reconnection of Etherdream on Windows

    - Fixed deleting a single point in a line surface by pressing delete in the output preview
    - MiniMad Video: fixed exporting incorrect mapping in certain conditions
    - Fixed sACN if nentwork interface wasn't ready when MadMapper was started
    - Fixed memory leak if a Material or FX references an non existing image file
    - Fixed possible glitches on Windows with some connected USB hardware
    - Fixed sending crash reports
    - Oscilator module wasn't completely paused with BPM Sync and speed = 0
    - Fixed fading surface colors with cues


    The MAD Team.

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