MadMapper 5.1 Beta introducing MadProjectorControl
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    MadMapper 5.1 Beta introducing MadProjectorControl

    by Benoit » Wed Mar 09, 2022 5:21 pm

    Dear mappers,

    You can now download and try MadMapper 5.1 Beta which introduces a new extension: MadProjectorControl!

    The extension (which will be a paid feature once officially released) allows you to control your video-projectors remotely through the network using the PJLink protocol (
    With the help of MadMapper’s Calendar Scheduler & Cue Scheduler, you can also fully automate your installation, removing the need for a dedicated operator!

    Check out the Laser news as well in the release note below,

    The Beta is already available in the Downloads section of your user account ->

    And of course please report any bug you encounter or any feedback you'd like to share :)

    5.1 Beta Release Note

    + Added a new extension MadProjectorControl to remotely control video-projectors
    + Added PJLink protocol support (PJLink module included in the MadProjectorControl extension)
    + Added Laser Visualisation support for Capture, Depence2 & WYSIWYG
    + MadLaser: support Moncha DAC support (
    + MadLaser: support AVB / Dante to drive lasers (for Laser Animation projectors)
    + MadLaser: Added Soft-Edge support on Laser Quad (don't expect it to work in any situation or with any content, but it's working in some interesting situations)
    + MadLaser: Added option on ILDA file to use source ILDA points or re-rasterize geometry using MadLaser algorithms
    + New builtin Laser Materials & Laser Lines FX
    + Video & Laser Lines surfaces: added an option to merge two paths (now you have split & merge)
    + Command-line-interface authorisation

    * Materials can use last frame data for more complex creations
    * Optimisation: don't render Video Loopback projector if not used by any visible surface
    * Global BPM with Audio beat detection now supports specifying BPM range
    * Video & Laser Lines surfaces: when adding a handle in creation mode, it can directly be adjusted with arrow keys
    * Increased MiniMad Light mini-jack audio level to 0dB

    - Fixed Video Output Internal Loopback when using FX that require MipMapping (ie Gaussian Blur)
    - When disabling/re-enabling Laser Output connected to Pangolin Beyond, stream was off until you start some content within Pangolin
    - Fixed cueing Materials / Laser Materials ISF event inputs
    - Fixed Cmd-Ctrl+click to reset value on range widgets & right click for controls menu
    - Fixed possible issue reconnecting ArtNet/sACN to the right network adapter on Windows after reboot (identify network adapter using its name)


    The MAD Team.
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    Re: MadMapper 5.1 Beta introducing MadProjectorControl

    by Jesse69 » Wed Jul 19, 2023 4:08 am

    I have been using MadProjectorControl since last year and have been extremely satisfied with its performance and functionality.
  • Pierre Guilluy
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    Re: MadMapper 5.1 Beta introducing MadProjectorControl

    by Pierre Guilluy » Mon Jul 31, 2023 10:20 pm

    Thank you for your feedback Jesse69!

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