Mapping in a 3D space – Starting in After Effect
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    Mapping in a 3D space – Starting in After Effect

    by vkaiser » Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:00 pm

    Dear All,

    First, thanks in advance for your advices.

    I have to create videos, that will be projected in a room for a concert, on 5 surface: walls (left, middle, right), floor and ceiling. The projections should be linked together, and elements should be able to go from one surface to the other.

    I'm facing a problem when creating my videos in after effect. I started from a big composition where I will add my visuals:
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.16.55.png
    Flatten 3D space
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.16.55.png (804.3 KiB) Viewed 358 times

    From this composition, I built a 3D space (just to simulate the space), composed of compositions.
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.17.23.png
    3D space
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.17.23.png (714.15 KiB) Viewed 358 times
    I can't figure out how to have a clean junction between the screen, for exemple to move an item from the left green square to the top green rectangle, because it would go into the grey area and therefore not be displayed. Here is an example with a grid:
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.47.59.png
    3D space – Exemple
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.47.59.png (614.33 KiB) Viewed 358 times
    I guess I'm taking the wrong direction to build up my files, so if you have any other technique or solution to solve that, I would be super grateful.

    Thanks a lot.

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