MadMapper 5.1.4 released
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    MadMapper 5.1.4 released

    by Benoit » Mon Jun 27, 2022 5:32 pm

    Dear mappers,

    A new version has been released with many improvements and fixes, listed below in the release notes.

    (It's free for v5 owners, grab it in the Downloads section of your user account, MadMapper website)

    MM 5.1.4 Release Notes

    * Direct access to MadMapper channels (ie Oscillator...) from widget / "Add Control" menus
    * MadLaser: improved laser output test pattern / render masks options
    * MadLaser: increased beam point size in previews
    * Improved performances in NDI output
    * MiniMad Video: show how with many other MiniMads it synchronises

    - Fixed movie audio playback issue in some cases when starting movie from a scene / cue
    - MadLaser: fixed some issues when the ILDA FPS is very very low (much too many paths to render)
    - MadLaser: fixed an issue with LaserDock USB on macOS
    - MadLaser: LaserCube network buffer could be too small in some conditions
    - MadLaser: fixed issue controlling multiple AVB devices
    - MadLaser: solved issue with Laser Master when dispatching to multiple outputs
    - MadLaser: fixed possible issue with multiple Moncha DACs
    - GPU Particles: solved an issue in some rare cases
    - Fixed an issue with MadLight recorder when recording external DMX input
    - MiniMad: fixed MiniMad not quitting remote-export in rare cases (Windows)
    - MiniMad Video: fixed an export error message not appearing when not in fullscreen
    - MiniMad Light: fixed network config not being applied when using an USB-DMX interface
    - Fixed media-selector thumbnails aspect ratio
    - Fixed issue in Calendar Scheduler


    The MAD Team.

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