How to have transparent movie backgrounds on Windows?
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    How to have transparent movie backgrounds on Windows?

    by cprima » Sun Sep 12, 2021 5:57 pm


    I am currently creating animations for christmas projection mapping, and have many new parts in my production pipeline. I am currently struggling to render movies that when used in MadMapper will have transparent backgrounds.

    I am doing:
    - animate png files in Davinci Resolve / Fusion page
    - render them out in a QuickTime container as DNxHR HQX 12bit with alpha transparency
    - WORKS: I use them in another Davinci Resolve video timeline with transparency
    - DOES NOT WORK: Add the file as Movie material in MadMapper and assign to a Quad, expected result is that lower materials will shine through

    Strangley enough the material preview says "Code dhxhd" (which indeed would not support alpha transparency).

    Are videos with transparency supported in MadMapper? As per "The MadMapper FAQ.pdf" it shoudl work: "…MadMapper supports alpha channel by default in images, movies…"
    If that is indeed correct, which codec should I use?
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    Re: How to have transparent movie backgrounds on Windows?

    by franz » Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:09 pm

    HAP alpha has transparency support.
    Your surface blend mode would have to be set to "OVER"

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