MIDI CC feedback not updating on cue launch
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    MIDI CC feedback not updating on cue launch

    by stanbekker » Fri Jan 07, 2022 1:32 pm


    We have some trouble with updating my motor fader controller with new values, when we launch a cue. We have several cues updating the values of a Material, but when we launch them the motor fader controller will not receive the new values. When we manually change values of a material, the motor faders update correctly. It seems to me that the cues are not sending out midi feedback with the new values to the controller.

    Tech Specs:
    Windows 10
    MadMapper 5.0.4
    Behringer X-Touch Compact

    I think it worked before, now even when I use scenes it won't update the controller.

    Does anybody else have this problem? Or a possible solution?


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