LED freezes
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    LED freezes

    by Atabi23 » Fri May 13, 2022 4:03 pm

    Hi, i'm having some problems with the LED stripes when I connect them with Madmapper. They achieve to make an snapshop of the current generator, but they get frozen and then go to black out, continouesly. They really dont get to flow!
    My setup has these components:
    -Teensy 4.0 + OctoWS2811
    - LED Stripe SK9822 (similar to APA102). For the moment im just trying with60 pixels (1 meter)
    -5V 10 A Netzteil

    I have the feeling is some troube with any frequency, like baudrate, data rate (is set to 2 MHz at the IDE), CPU Speed from the Teensy (600 Mhz)

    I tried to change this values and try different combinations but does not change anything. Maybe someone around here could give me any clue, i feel comfunsed about it...

    Thank you!

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