Need help mapping DMX outputs for a Matrix
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    Need help mapping DMX outputs for a Matrix

    by GraceOC » Mon Aug 01, 2022 5:01 pm

    Hi, we are running the demo version to see if we can get it to work for our setup before purchasing a full version. We are running an alphapix evolution controller using SACN.

    Our matrix is 72px x48px, checking of skipping unused universe channels made the test pattern appear to work, but I realized after loading an image that ever 3 columns is flipped. Our matrix is wired as such starting from the bottom left, it goes up, then right, then down, the right, then up. Then a new physical channel starts at the bottom of column four and the pattern repeats. We have 3 columns containing 3 strands of 50px each per physical output on our controller. This leaves us with 6 spare pixels at the top of every 3rd column. The controller is configured in a manner such that physical output 1 is set to dmx universe 1 starting channel 1 and then physical output 2 starts at dmx channel 433, and the pattern repeats so that the controller basically does not see the last 6 pixels on each run. This can all be changed and reset of course.

    Alot of this is above my head as we are just getting into this. If anyone is willing to help or even do a screen share, I will be in the building at 9AM est tomorrow to continue troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.

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