Big projectors
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    Big projectors

    by birdiedaboy » Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:50 pm

    Hello, I am going to have my first big building projection, they are going to get us a big 30K projector, I just have a question, do this big projectors have hdmi conection or do they use other type of conectivity cable to talk to my computer? I have never seen any big projectors so im clueless any info will help, thanks!
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    Re: Big projectors

    by aktion » Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:16 pm

    Find what projector it is and research what inputs it has..
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    Re: Big projectors

    by Begelll » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:46 pm

    ye the bst way ;p
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    Re: Big projectors

    by sigmasix » Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:08 pm

    they say size doesn't matter 8)

    but it would have card so it's possible to customize inputs and for sure you'll have DVI input so with an adapter you can plug hdmi if you really want to do that
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    Re: Big projectors

    by ProjectileObjects » Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:53 pm

    Most of the higher end ones have DVI, but depending on your resolution and cable run VGA is also a solid bet. Additionally, in my experience, depending on your model of macbook pro (if your using a MBP), some have issues with HDMI and/or VGA signals. For example, some mini-display port to hdmi adapters only support up to 1080p, which is 1920x1080, I picked up a expensive belkin one back in the day that only supported a good 720p at a cable run of 50'. Reason, I say this, is WUXGA projectors are 1920x1200 and having that extra bit of resolution makes all the difference. Additionally some higher end projectors also have SDI which is great for long cable runs, but most signal converter boxes, such as Blackmagic's mini-converts and even AJA only support standard broadcast resolutions. And lastly, some projectors (some) may not take your native signal coming out of the mac, it's rare, but I like using SwitchResX if I need to put out a very specific resolution and frame rate (or Hz) :

    Hope that helps,

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