OSCQuery selective visibility
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    OSCQuery selective visibility

    by benkuper » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:15 pm

    Ben (creator of Chataigne) here,

    I found out that using OSCQuery for large projects can lead to huge tree structure, when most of the time, less than 50-100 parameters are interesting / safe to synchronize.

    On my base framework, I implemented a "Remote control visibility" toggle for each level of the structure, so the synchronized data tree is clean and very efficient to fetch and sync.
    I find it also somewhat important to choose what's controllable and exposed and what's not. So you can safely expose controls without worrying about external software changing parameters they shouldn't, etc.

    Is this currently supported or is this something you would by interested in implementing ? This can help a lot of people wanting to synchronize and control outside MadMapper and get a really proper and safe setup.
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