Color control on clips. Better output inspector
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    Color control on clips. Better output inspector

    by desilenceStudio » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:14 am

    Dear MAdMapper team -

    First of all congrats with the 3.5 release. The app is lovely and continue to amaze me:

    I have some needs that I would love to see in a future update (maybe 3.6 ;-) :

    1 - color controls on clips / input sources:
    It would make the new cue list so much more practical if one could add color controls to the source clip itself instead having to do it mask by mask.
    For a lot of mapping we do there always are a need for gamma correction and maybe saturation and contrast depending on the ambient light pollution vs lux available. Having the option to do it clip by clip is great (like millumin).
    When having a sequence of files playing back I always end up doing the mapping with mad mapper but via syphon doing the playback programming in millumin and the color correction too. Would be nice to be able to keep it all inside madmapper

    2 - output inspector
    The input inspector is great. But I am missing the same for the output preview. A way to define output size and position pr mask. That is particular handy when dealing with pixelmapping on led screens where we are not doing perspective distortion or warping. I know of the inspector for the corner points but it is very cumbersome when you want to maintain the aspect of the input mask and have to position the mask on a particualar XY position with a particular size.

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    Re: Color control on clips. Better output inspector

    by caneron » Fri Feb 18, 2022 7:18 am

    hah funny to see Desilence! on here

    Yes would love to see better color correction controls!

    Thinking like:
    Color Temp

    Like a lumetri type panel in Mad would be a game changer for my workflow. Would save soooooo much time.
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