Strobe parameter and random signal type for oscillators
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    Strobe parameter and random signal type for oscillators

    by jasonbeyers » Sat Feb 19, 2022 6:39 am


    It would be great if oscillators had a "strobe" or "strob" parameter that can produce discrete steps rather than a continuum of values, like you can do for Materials (with time_base or animator time generators).

    Use case: apply a 2D oscillator to an XY shift input on a material, set the oscillator to follow the bpm, and set "strob" for the oscillator to 0.5. This could make the material jump across XY values on the beat, which would be very handy.

    Would also be great if oscillators had a "random" signal type ("noise" isn't the same), which could be used to mimic Resolume's random playhead feature for video clips.

    I'm hunting for ways to manipulate material parameters (XY offsets, rotation, time offsets) in a random-looking way. A "Strobe" parameter for oscillators (for all signal types) and a new "random" signal type would each be very useful for this. The "strobe" setting is probably more useful of the two, since there are some alternatives for the "random" thing (cue combiner lua mode, external OSC, etc).

    Thanks for your consideration!

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