Re-arranging Cue Banks in list
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    Re-arranging Cue Banks in list

    by jasonbeyers » Sun Feb 20, 2022 10:47 pm


    I've been making good use of additional Cue Banks ever since they were added to Madmapper, and they really help to keep projects organized. However, I wish I could re-arrange the cue banks in the cue bank list.

    At the moment, I need to have a good idea of what my banks will be, when I first create the project. Let's use this list as an example:

    1. Main: to store various control-related cues corresponding to a TouchOSC interface
    2. Sequencer: to store small "sequencer step" cues, for cue schedulers to step through on a beat
    3. Full Compositions: to store cues that define whole compositions
    4. Scripted show: cues to be managed by an external program like Ableton Live

    Usually a few weeks into a project, I realize I really want to split up a bank into multiple, giving each new bank some sort of "theme" like "ambient" or "dance visuals". This also happens quite a lot for "sequencer" cues, where I add a whole bank of sequencer steps for some specific DMX fixture, only after I add the fixture to my project.

    Since I can't re-arrange the cue bank names in the list, similar/related banks are scattered throughout the list, and the list is permanent (unless I want to redo everything). And I've noticed that cue schedulers don't play nice with cue banks that are deleted and redefined (using cue bank name alone), so it is not straightforward to redo a whole cue bank for this reason.

    It is a bit frustrating to be "locked in" to a particular project organization and it means more effort is needed up-front to anticipate how a project will end up. Re-arranging the banks would allow for more dynamic organization and speed up navigation while working on a project.

    Feature requests:
    * Ability to re-arrange the cue banks in the list, with drag-and-drop
    * More width in the Cue Bank dropdown menu, to create more separation between the cue bank name and the delete button (X). I accidentally hit delete once every hour, though thankfully there is a popup window to catch this.

    Thanks for your consideration!
  • jasonbeyers
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    Re: Re-arranging Cue Banks in list

    by jasonbeyers » Wed Apr 27, 2022 1:43 am

    Just pinging this for awareness, as I look at my ugly cue bank ordering (that I can't change) :D . This UI-only change would help folks make well-organized projects even as projects grow organically. Thanks!
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    Re: Re-arranging Cue Banks in list

    by play.vj » Mon Jun 06, 2022 2:39 pm

    Plus 1 from me also. Copy/paste cue banks, Sort by name, date. Folders of cue banks. The idea is to better organise cue banks when we are making a version of an exsistning show, or just decide to start over again. Save all exsisting cues into a folder and than take out only the ones we still want to use.

    Cue banks are great, but the list becomes hard to navigate.


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