2 previews - out and group inv
  • jasond
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    2 previews - out and group inv

    by jasond » Mon May 04, 2020 2:08 am

    How can I have 2 previews - 1 for out and 1 for group inv

    (I can't see the LED screen from my position)

    I tried with advanced output - no joy

  • geoffmatters
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    Re: 2 previews - out and group inv

    by geoffmatters » Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:59 am

    I don't think M8 lets you create another preview window. You could do it with Syphon, for instance if you are using Mad Mapper then you can see the M8 output there on its way to its final destination. If you search around there are cheap/free Syphon options (MM license is expensive if you only need it as a preview window).

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