copy layers from one project to another
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    copy layers from one project to another

    by brad2600 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 3:49 am

    has anyone figured out an easy way to copy layers from one project to another?

    maybe explaining what i'm up to could lead to another solution.

    i'm currently working with a rock band. my work flow for this band is to have a group (5 layers) set up for each song on their set list (which is generally 12-16 songs per night). this works great, however, they change their set list every night, and the 12-16 songs are pulled from a catalog of 30-ish songs that they play. so, i currently have two project files that make up every single song in their catalog (lets call these the master projects). each of my mov files are named [songname][1-5].mov. when they give me their set list, i will open up modul8, and dump my media into each group, making it so that the set list is represented in the project. then i will open up a second iteration of modul8, and go through to manually apply all of the effects/layer levels that are present in the master projects.

    this takes way more time than i'd like, and is definitely error prone.

    anyone got any suggestions for how to get around this?

    i like to be able to manipulate effects and colours live, so, simply rendering the videos on a track by track basis doesn't work. they also like to jam a bit live, so the songs can vary, which means the visuals should too.

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