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RC1 released!
  • Pierre Guilluy
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    RC1 released!

    by Pierre Guilluy » Thu May 31, 2018 9:38 pm

    Hi Modul8 users!

    Wait is almost over!

    We are proud to present the Release Candidate (RC) of Modul8 3.0.
    This is the last step towards the official launch, to make sure everything’s tight and clean.

    This version features a simplified and enhanced workflow due to the introduction of the stage-size controls, as well as dramatic improvement in different user-interface parts.
    In addition to that, we kept fixing all the bugs we could find.

    Release Notes:

    Version 3.0 RC1 build 180531_E7877A257B (expiration date June, 30th 2018) - this version requires macOS 10.9.5+


    - Added stage-size control (Output -> Stage Setup...): no longer fixed, the stage-size affects advanced-outputs edition and preview windows aspect-ratio, and simplifies scaling media from various sizes
    - Introduced "fit to stage" check-box in replacement from "normalize" combo-box
    - Added "fit to stage" button in advanced-output
    - Added a playback cursor in the play tab
    - Added a create Layer button over the selected layer


    - Redesigned Main user-interface
    - Redesigned Advanced-Output Setup window
    - Refined Preferences window
    - Refined Keywords Browser window
    - Media Folder now only plays the maximum number of images specified in the preferences
    - Added more info in the Media Folder media-inspector
    - Updated splash screen


    - Fixed ping-pong playback using HAP codec in AVFoundation player
    - Fixed Syphon/NDI output when using multiple outputs
    - Fixed movie playback glitch when duplicating a layer
    - Fixed movie player selection when importing a movie
    - Fixed a problem when moving layers in the layer-set

    Modul8 3.0 is an universal app, meaning it contains both 64 and 32-bit binaries.
    By default it runs in 64-bit mode to take advantage of the full system's memory.
    To put the app in 32-bit mode and benefit from the legacy features, press cmd+I on Modul8.app and check "Open in 32-bit mode" in the information window.
    Please note that 32-bit version of Modul8 doesn't support NDI.

    This Public Beta version is available for any users who own a serial which is compatible with modul8 2.9.xx.

    To download it, use the modul8 yourspace page :
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