Bug Report Modul8 Beta RC2
  • claude steiner
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    Bug Report Modul8 Beta RC2

    by claude steiner » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:11 pm

    First of all thanks for the layout with the orange color!
    And the new Preview Panel stage size handling is much better then in the RC1 Version!

    I have the folowing problems:
    Main problems to open old Modul8 Projects, the app cant load anything i wait until the app is freezing.
    New projects always works. I need my old files to work with the betaversion, because i need the speed and the 64bit modus!
    Is there a solution to fix this bug before a new version (August2018)?

    The other problem i have is the handling to copy Layers, i choose the layer and press the +Button, but most of the times i get a empty Layer, i click double in the selected layer and sometimes it works, sometimes not.
  • claude steiner
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    Re: Bug Report Modul8 Beta RC2

    by claude steiner » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:14 pm

    Addition to my preview post:

    It seems that Modul8 Beta RC2 has to be already in use (startet up) to load older project files.

    I have also the folowing problems:
    Rendering Logical Record and Capture to disk are both not working in RC2, i try several times, results in freezing the app
    and no files rendered.
    If i open a older project i always have to redefine the preview panel size (after opening i have always 4:3) it would be great to have
    a function to set the parameters to a value without change the size every times i open another project. In the older version it was much better to just define the preview panel size in the preferences.
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    Re: Bug Report Modul8 Beta RC2

    by geoffmatters » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:34 am

    Adding my RC2 comments to this thread

    Projects saved in M8 2.0 don't "just work".

    I had a project using 1080p footage saved in 2.0. Open in 3.0 and the sizes are wrong, so I use the Project Settings and set the project to 1080p. But now the *positions* are wrong, because positions are saved using pixels, and where -240 used to center something on the top edge of the screen it now equates to slightly above center.

    I'm not sure what the best approach is now... arguably X and Y positions should have been scaled to 1.0 from the beginning (although with different aspect ratios it is hard to say exactly what 1.0 would have meant) Now everyone's projects (and modules!) have the legacy 640x480 scale baked into them, and any project you want to use in 3.0 is going to require auditing and possibly repair.

    Maybe the x and y values should be internally scaled to make -240 always correspond with the top of the screen? Or, should I (or everyone) keep the stage 480 and only adjust the width to get the correct aspect ratio? (it'll still render every pixel of fully scaled 1080p footage outputting to 1080p screen, even if the stage is 854x480, right?) Can you refer to the 2.0 preference / output settings to automatically set the project settings to guarantee that the same content to the same display will be pixel-for-pixel identical when opened in 3.0?

    The new stage and scaling options seem nice, but it is a really big problem if you can't guarantee that a 2.x project will open in 3.0 and "just work". I have probably over 100 .md8 files (often one for each song of an artist I work with) and having to fix every single one is a huge barrier. IMO you need to think hard about how to make this work smoothly.
  • Pierre Guilluy
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    Re: Bug Report Modul8 Beta RC2

    by Pierre Guilluy » Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:39 pm


    Using the latest RC2, your 2.x project should be loaded with a 640x480 stage-size, so the positions are the same as in Modul8 2.x.
    Isn't it the case?

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