DMX to mini mad not working
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    DMX to mini mad not working

    by optika » Wed Oct 12, 2022 3:39 am

    Hi Madmapper team

    I would like to ask you help with my set up using DMX and the minimad,

    My set up is:

    - Two units of DMX , 4 universes each , 8 universes in total
    - One router to chain the 2 DMX controlers

    Connection with ethernet cable to my computer using a USB adapter

    When I export from Madmapper to my SD card it works perfectly and then when I put the SD into the minimad the device doesn't response,
    I'm connecting everything to my minimad with the ethternet cable

    attached some images

    Why do you think my mini mart is not working?

    looking Forward from you
    thanks in advance
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