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MadMapper v4 BETA 2 available
  • Benoit
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    MadMapper v4 BETA 2 available

    by Benoit » Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:25 pm

    Dear users,

    We are glad to announce you the release of MadMapper version 4 BETA 2!

    It comes with several fixes listed below + the addition of an Audio Analysis feature and it's already available on the MadMapper yourspace page :


    Your precious feedback and bug report will help us improve the software, feel free to share them with us on this address: userfeedback@garagecube.com


    - the MADTeam -

    MM 4.0 Beta 2 Release Notes

    + Audio Analysis: "MadMapper Output" can be selected as input (use the audio of your movie tracks & audio players for audio reactive materials or for Audio Controls)
    + Added Reset Locations in the View menu

    * miniMAD Video export settings are now saved in the project
    * Blackmagic ATEM Mini & Blackmagic Web Presenter are now listed in video-input list

    - If a surface is invisible on output but shown in preview (through preview group), audio should not be active
    - Bug fix in FFMPEG Movie Player with some pixel formats
    - Fixed issue with mask drawn on input media
    - Fixed keeping cross cursor after pressing “Add Warping Point”
    - Fixed possible startup crash on Windows (depending on audio devices)
    - Various fixes
  • Robbie the Robot
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    Re: MadMapper v4 BETA 2 available

    by Robbie the Robot » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:27 pm

    I'm experiencing an issue with MM4 beta 2. When I open a project I previously created with MM4 beta 1 the CPU spikes to 100% continuously for all cores. If I reopen the project in beta 1 everything returns to normal. The Activity Monitor shows MadMapper and VTDecoderXPCService using almost all the CPU power. I have sampled the processes and can send them to you if they are helpful.
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