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MadMapper 4 Beta 9 available
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    MadMapper 4 Beta 9 available

    by Benoit » Tue Apr 07, 2020 3:27 pm

    Dear Mappers,

    Thanks to your feedback we solved many issues in MadMapper 4.0 Beta, so thanks a lot to everyone for participating in our software quality,
    If you're aware of any issue or if you have any feedback to share, you can use the feedback tool inside MadMapper or create a post on the forum. Thank you again!

    And now we are delighted to announce the availability of the BETA 9 which, in addition to many improvements, also brings features (long-awaited for some) such as a MIDI Out module, a DMX router module, a new color picker, etc.

    This Beta 9 will expire the 3rd of May and is free for v3 owners

    (minimum System requirements to run MadMapper 4.0: macOS 10.9 or later / Windows (64bit) 8.1 or later)

    MM 4.0.0 Beta 9 Release Notes

    + Added OSC Out module with Bonjour discovery (can be used with Cues and Controls)
    + Added MIDI Out module (can be used with Cues and Controls)
    + Added DMX Router module to rout ArtNet / sACN universes to one or multiple USB DMX devices (Enttec Pro/mk2 / garageCube USB DMX)
    + miniMAD Video: added audio-level control
    + miniMAD OSC Control: Added the possibility to name the miniMADs during the export
    + Added support for “Create lines from visible edges” for Mask surfaces
    + New Color selection widget that supports RGB / HSV sliders / HSV with hue wheel & added Controls on Hue, Saturation and Value

    * OSC feedback his now getting port from sender (to send feedback on source IP / port)
    * Code Editor: improved search / find next / find previous handling
    * DMX Monitor: added an option to highlight selected fixtures
    * On Windows, increase MadMapper process priority to avoid glitches when switching application + added an option to disable it in Preferences / Engine
    * On Windows, show projector / screen serial number in projector info
    * Windows Direct3D output has been improved to handle better multi GPU setup & to handle properly the common 59.94Hz frequency issue
    * Cue Scheduler module: added Go Previous button
    * New bezier surfaces/masks: when Alt+Click on a bezier path, directly select the created handle and allow dragging it (same for mesh warping)
    * New lines surface and new mask surface: compute geometry asynchronously so the engine keeps smooth even with complex geometries
    * Optimized lines geometry computation

    - Fixed a mistake in Cue Scheduler module when doing automation in a specific time range
    - Fixed Color Controls FX with IgnoreAlpha
    - Fixed an issue cueing a module duplicate
    - Fixed a performance issue on Windows when the application is minimized
    - Fixed snapping of lines/masks handles with each other

    -> https://madmapper.com/yourspace/

    Feel free to share any feedback on the Beta section of the forum, also on userfeedback@garagecube.com,


    the MADTeam.
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