Wicked Lasers Lasercube
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    Wicked Lasers Lasercube

    by tomlimbic » Thu Mar 24, 2022 2:42 pm

    Hello, anyone got any experience with the Wicked Lasers Lasercube?

    For the price, spec and compact size they seem quite appealling but i'm slightly dubious about the build quality, which is quite hard to tell from photos.

    Any info would be much appreciated!
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    Re: Wicked Lasers Lasercube

    by kleurbleur » Thu Apr 21, 2022 12:04 pm

    Curious as well!

    I do know that the specs they use are not the most high end, for example the scanners. Others in higher price ranges have higher scan rates and are more expensive. Support so far is really stand up but concerns only advise for buying.
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    Re: Wicked Lasers Lasercube

    by imflex » Thu Apr 28, 2022 9:41 pm

    I have x2 Lasercube PRO 2.5W w 35kpps scanners, and their 1st 1W USB one. I would say it works quite well for small setups, the build quality is solid and clean too. The plus point is its portability and the built-in battery, and also having a built-in DAC that works with the softwares i use. Also the whites on the Lasercube PRO 2.5W is on point, it works quite well on complicated visuals too, having used it on Modulaser. However you cant compare the built quality of say a higher-end lasers, its more of a laser for tests in studio, hobbyist, photoshoots etc. BUT...I used to own a KVANT atom 800mW laser, and I would say comparing the Lasercube Pro, the WHITES and beams looks better on the Lasercube than the KVANT, just that the scan angle might be a little on the tight side.

    Depending on your setup, if you're planning to mount it somewhere high/ hard to access, you need to always switch the lasercube on from the device itself, and turning the interlock switch key manually, and when you switch it off, you need to switch from the device itself and not just the main power, as the internal built-in battery will continue running it. Other way around is to get it from X-Lasers instead of wicked laser's site, as they have an E-stop ( but i'm unsure how long the cable is ), then you need to open up the laser and take out the internal battery for it to run purely on power. That said, I did not regret getting it, as its really handy for what I use it for.
    Hope I gave some information on this powerful PORTABLE LASER !

    So bottom line is what are you going to use it for, and doing what type of setup. But for that price range I actually found this brand of lasers which looks quite legit. https://lasershowprojector.com/pages/unity-lasers check em out ! Their entry level lasers are around the same range. All you need is a laser DAC like etherdream/Helios etc that works with Mad Laser.

    Attach is a picture of my 3 lasercube running on MadLaser. As you can see the Lasercube beams are quite clean and strong, its a room with sunlight pouring in, and there is no haze/ smoke. ( sorry a little blurry, cos it was a screenshoot from a video )
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