New Windows 11 install / Auth failure.
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    New Windows 11 install / Auth failure.

    by theLABVisuals » Tue Feb 22, 2022 2:20 am

    Evening all,

    I've recently purchased a one month rental for two seats, and the Mac install authorised without issue.

    The Windows 11 one however is screwing around. Every time I load the application it puts me into an authorisation loop, where it asks four times for MMActivationWindows.exe to be allowed. I've tried running it as administrator as well, and the only way to deauthorise both MadMapper and MadLaser was to use my one and only RESET option in the account / license section of the site.

    Is there any known issue with Windows 11 and MadMapper authorisation (aside from my unfortunate position of having Windows 11 as my main OS!?).

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